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of ICT products are fully tested.

Testing. Made Compulsory.

Detour Gold Corporation

The Challenge

Harsh terrain, remote locations, hazardous materials, valuable resources and specialized equipment, all contribute to the extremely high security requirements faced by mining companies. The implications of even the slightest security breach can be huge - staff may be endangered, the environment may be threatened, and production is put at risk of being disrupted.

Detour Gold Corporation is a Canadian gold mining company centered around the Detour Lake project, a property exceeding 630 km2 located on the Abitibi Greenstone Belt in northeastern Ontario. With more than 15.6 million ounces in reserves, once fully operational, the mine is projected to produce an average of 657,000 ounces of gold annually over a period of 21.5 years, putting Detour Lake on track to become Canada’s largest operating gold mine.

Situated 185 km from the nearest town in Cochrane, selecting a security system that was proven, robust, and - most importantly - extremely reliable, was crucial in ensuring the safety and efficiency of the mine is never compromised. Being in such a remote location, there can be no concession for equipment failure.

The Solution

ICT is committed to providing products that meet rigorous safety criteria with 100% of ICT products fully tested. No batch testing and a quality management system that follows ISO9000 standards, ensures superior product quality and a high standard of excellence and safety.

All products are produced at ICT’s state of the art premises in Auckland, New Zealand, with a full surface mount production facility capable of over 80,000 part placements per hour. Boards are manufactured to the IPC-A-610 standard with an automatic end-to-end production process.

UL certification lends further credibility to ICT products and their safety by establishing that they are deemed effective and safe for use by testing those products based on rigorous standards. In order to carry a UL certification mark, a product must remain compliant with the standards set by UL.

NIST certified AES256 Bit encryption provides another level of assurance by ensuring all communication is protected, and mitigates the risk of unauthorized access.

All ICT products are fully tested to ensure they meet rigorous safety and quality standards.

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