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Made Seamless


Events are held at Colorado Convention Center each year

Integration. Made Seamless.

Colorado Convention Center

The Challenge

State of the art facilities and state of the art technology go hand in hand. But what good is having all the top of the range tools if they don’t work with each other? Multiple disparate systems not only lack continuity, they are both inefficient and uneconomical.

The Colorado Convention Center is a stunning 2.2 million square feet (200,000 m2) facility in the heart of downtown Denver, and home to more than 400 events a year ranging from local community graduation ceremonies to the Great American Beer Festival. One of the busiest mid-sized concert venues in Metro Denver, the Center has also hosted acts such as Elton John and Bruce Springsteen, and an evening with former president Bill Clinton.

High profile guests, require a high level of security. When the Center approached ICT in 2012 they had a system that wasn’t fully integrated. Originally fitted with traditional lock and key doors when the venue first opened, these had been replaced with SALTO wireless door locks to provide a keyless access solution. The level of functionality between SALTO and their existing access control system however, was somewhat lacking. While the two systems worked well on their own, together they did not provide an efficient or cohesive solution and operators were having to perform actions in both systems to get things done.

The Solution

A key aspect of the ICT philosophy is the ability to integrate with third party systems, enabling customers to maximize the infrastructure and IT investments they already have available on site while adding value to their existing technology.

With 584,000 square feet (54,300 m2) of exhibit space, 63 meeting rooms covering 100,000 square feet (9,300 m2), 85,000 square feet (7,900 m2) of ballroom space, and the spectacular 5,000 seat Bellco Theatre, there is no doubt the Convention Center is a huge site. The large number of doors and visitors needing access to certain areas and levels, means controlling security and who is entitled to go where and when is crucial.

In just over three months, ICT took the entire feature set of SALTO and integrated it with Protege GX to provide a single comprehensive access control solution.

The seamless high level integration enables the Colorado Convention Center to manage day to day tasks including access rights, door configuration, events, and alarms, all from within the Protege interface.

The system provides an accurate, searchable audit trail of all events (both online and offline); enables operators to view archived footage from all related cameras, including those for offline locks; and allows them to monitor and control SALTO wireless doors in real time.

Integration is a key focus at ICT, allowing our customers to maximize the investment already made on technology and infrastructure.

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