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Made Irrelevant


The distance (in kilometres) between Broome and Melbourne.

Distance. Made Irrelevant.

Visium Group

The Challenge

You might think that managing all aspects of a security system for geographically distributed sites from one central location is a pipe dream. With hundreds of client sites spread around the country, how do you manage incidents in real time when you are physically thousands of miles away?

Statistics show that around 99% of alarms reported to a monitoring station are false. Between user error, animal/pet interference, environmental disturbances, and poorly sealed doors, the majority of monitoring center traffic comes from nuisance alarms. The average time for a typical monitoring company to send a guard in response to an alarm is 30-45 minutes. The more remote a site is, the longer the response and the more exposed they become. By the time a response vehicle arrives at the scene, any intruders are long gone, along with any valuable property.

With approximately 1000 client sites situated all over Australia, some as far afield as Broome (3956.4 km from Melbourne), distance is not something Visium Group can afford to have as an obstacle.

The Solution

Protege GX is a truly global system enabling you to monitor thousands of clients and manage incidents in real time regardless of geographical location.

Visium Group support their clients via their VideoControlRoom - Australia’s first dedicated video monitoring centre - providing video alarm verification, managed access, and video incident investigation all from their 24/7 control room in Melbourne.

By combining video verification with IP alarm monitoring, false alarms are eliminated as monitoring staff can instantly view and replay video footage allowing them to visually verify intruder activations. If it’s an actual intruder, they can immediately alert police or choose to warn a less threatening intruder off via a remote public address system. It also eliminates the need for slow and costly guard callout, meaning geographically isolated sites can enjoy the same instant response times as those in main city centers.

Real time management allows monitoring staff to control lights, doors, and arm/disarm the system remotely. If a client leaves their card at home or forgets to set the alarm at the end of the day, monitoring staff can unlock the door or arm the system from the control room, saving the client a long trip home or back to the office. This also provides assurance for people on site that they are being monitored by real people.

Visium has now installed over 1000 controllers across their client sites, operate around 2500 access controlled doors, connect to more than 10,000 cameras, and support 18,000 users all from their control room in Melbourne. The distance between the control room and client sites is certainly not an issue.

Our systems allow you to monitor and manage events in real time regardless of your geographic location.

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