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Princeton Identity Integration

Use the world's most unique access credential.

Princeton Identity is a biometric identification system that allows facilities to identify registered users through iris and facial recognition software. The system allows a site to provide access to users solely via their biometric data (single factor identification), or for added security a biometric reader can be combined with an access control reader to require card and biometric credentials (two factor identification).

The integration between Protege GX and Princeton Identity enrolment and identity devices, turns every user's face into the world's most unique access credential. Using iris identification, face capture, and other biometrics, the system offers multifactor hands-free capabilities, giving the user a fast and frictionless enrollment and access experience.

How it works

Enrolment is both quick and easy. Users scan their face at an enrollment reader. The reader sends the scanned data to the Identity Server, which creates a unique credential identification and send it on to the Protege GX Server. Protege GX then assigns the biometric Credential Type and ID to the user, completing an integrated biometric access control system.


  • Highly secure as biometric credentials cannot be lost, stolen, or loaned to another user
  • Convenience factor means employees don't need to carry keys, a fob, or a phone, to move between secure areas
  • Provides contactless access control to limit touchpoints
  • Use standalone biometric authentication for user convenience or combine with an access reader for the added security of dual authentication

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